Our Services


Local: Packing, dismantling, loading, transportation to the new residence, unloading, delivery, set up of furniture previously dismantled by us and unpacking on the same day of delivery.

Domestic: Equal services as above in local moves, plus transportation by road, or any other method including sea or air transport to any point in Spain including Balearic and Canary Islands.

Internacional: We reach any part of the world with our extra packing for long distances. Our wide network of overseas agents help us to complete the work at the other end. Our transportation methods have no limits.


Air: Air cargo shipments require specific packing and loading devices depending on the aircraft type. We use our best technology to safeguard goods in transit.

Sea-Surface: We provide wood liftvans on small jobs, and containers to fit the size of the needs of each customer.

Clothes: Your clothes will arrive in perfect conditions thanks to our clothes packing systems.


Cinaware: We use the "dry-pack" system, by wrapping in paper for improved absorption and hygienic protection of your possessions.


Furniture: The fragility of each piece is treated by us with state of the art packing materials, using as much protection as the piece requires.


Our storage services maintain a perfect conservation of all the household effects when it is necessary to place them under custody. We only admit removals of household and personal effects in our warehouse, as this guarantees the stability of other removal contents resident in our Store. For basic security reasons, we only admit goods which have been packed by our expert crews.


Spanish Customs information for free entry of household goods


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Spanish Customs information for free admission of automobiles on a change of residence.

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